Frequently Asked Questions

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​​​​​FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is The Food Cooked At Your Home?

No. The food is prepared and cooked in our licenced kitchen located at 459 PHARMACY AVENUE.

Please visit

This allows you to search the DineSafe index for our information.

Is The Food Fully Cooked?

Yes, the menu is fully cooked. We plan, shop, prepare, cook & deliver the freshest meals possible.

Our Recommendation is to first consume any Seafood, Fish and Dairy dishes, plus Green Salads.

Can I Freeze The Food?

Yes. You may freeze any portion not being consumed within (5)five days, except for Salads. Salads lose their texture.

What Are The Heating Instructions?

Aluminum Tray Items: (Not a Microwavable Safe Container)

Always remove the cardboard lid when placing container in an 180°C to 190°C (350°F to 375°F) pre-heated Oven.

Meat should reach an internal temperature of 74°C (165°F). The time required to reach such a temperature depends on the type of oven in use. Usually, gas ovens take (15)fifteen to (20)twenty minutes and electric ovens take (25)twenty-five to (30)minutes. If using a Stove-top or Microwave, please transfer food into a heat-safe or a microwavable container first.

Styrofoam Containers:. (Not a Microwavable Safe Container)

Always remove contents and place in a heat safe or microwavable container for heating. Only cold items can be consumed from these containers.

How To Order?

Please submit your order through our Contact / Order Form page.

How Can I Pay?

Payment is processed by Moneris PAYD .We accept Visa, Mastercard, Interac Debit & Cash. Payment is accepted at 459 PHAMACY Avenue by appointment only, at your door upon delivery or over the phone with a credit card.  

Is There An Order Deadline?

Yes. The Weekday Menu's deadline is Friday. The Weekend Menu's deadline is Wednesday.

​Can I Still Order If I Miss The Deadline?

Sometimes there is an available space. Please Call 647-340-3663.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes. Cancellations are only accepted one day before the deadline. 

 If you cancel after this time, any future order requires a credit card deposit.

Am I Obligated To Order Every Week?

No. If you want to be on our Semi-Permanent order list, let us know.

This list allows you to automatically receive food every week without having to order by the deadline.

 What Is Your Delivery Policy?

Your Weekly package is delivered Monday from 10AM to 12 Midnight or Tuesday from 2PM to 10PM.

We have four(04) delivery windows:

Ten & Two ( 10AM - 2PM ) - Monday Only

After Two ( 2PM - 6PM )

Evening ( 6PM - 10PM )

Later Evening ( 10PM - 12 Midnight ) - Monday Only

Your Weekend package is delivered Friday Evening from 6PM to 10PM.

There is a Free Delivery Zone: East of Main Street & North of Danforth Avenue, South of Eglinton Avenue & West of Birchmount Road. Outside Delivery Zone: $5.00 Minimum Surcharge.

Can I Substitute An Ingredient?

Yes. An additional charge may apply.

Do You Offer Allergen Free Meals?

No. But some ingredients can be excluded from your order. i.e.. olives, nuts, fruits etc...

Do You Offer Vegetarian?

​Yes. Vegetarian, but not Vegan. A Vegetarian w/ Fish and Seafood Menu is available as a Weekly Menu. 

Do You Offer Kosher Or Halal Meals?

No. We are sorry to say that we do not have the expertise and environment to fulfil these special requests.